Sunday, July 21, 2013

fun for the ladies

ok, here's a fun little exercise all you ladies can do!

take a little segment of rubber band, about a centimeter and a half long.

ok, now choose a spot along one of the inner sets of your squishy bits and prep the site real well with an alcohol swab or something and let it air dry.

are you still with me?


now superglue that little piece of rubberband right there and when it's good and attached, go about your daily business.

only make sure your daily business includes a couple of hours of bicycle riding.

when you're ready to have it removed, be told that the earliest available date is eight weeks from now.


skin tags, even big ones: not medically a big deal.


location, location, location.


so here's a funny little story: when you're at the doctor's, they ask you how you came to notice the thing the visit was about.

"well, i was taking pictures of this really big bruise on my butt, because i wanted to see it and it's just easier to take a picture and i've been riding a LOT lately and have this irritation and i thought as long as i was taking pantsless photographs, i might as well see if i have bruising or saddle sores, you know, to check on that discomfort and see if i need to do anything about it... and when i saw the picture i was all like JESUS CHRIST! WHAT'S THAT THING?!?!? i am pretty sure THAT thing does not belong there."

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