Wednesday, July 31, 2013

catamount classic

this weekend is going to be the catamount classic pro XCT, which is kind of a big deal.

eric working on the course
the course is solid and fun and designed and mostly built by eric bowker and marc stannard. a truckload of sponsors and volunteers will be making the race run, and while i do not know yet to what jobs eric will assign me come race weekend, i have been very busy making accurate course maps and GPS data files so that racers and spectators can look at the maps and also download the files onto whatever devices they are using.

this helps the riders in their course inspection and study, and it helps the spectators know where they want to stand.

it's also important for the UCI officials who will come in a day or two to have the map for course inspection. there are rather a lot of rules.

so here's my fully annotated map of the course. isn't it pretty?

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