Friday, July 05, 2013

you old fossil, you.

IMG_1248backin may while i was wandering the back of an old cemetery in varick, ny (like you do) i was passing that pile of trash they usually have in a back corner: broken ornaments, old wreaths, unused planters, expired decorations.

and resting on the pile was an interesting looking rock.

since i like rocks, i picked it up and by golly it's got a fossil in it.

IMG_1253so after i got it home and poked at it and tried to identify it.  i cleaned it up and took some really nice pictures of it and tried some more to identify it and i am still not having very much luck, because i THINK it's part of a bryozoan, but it's also not clearly NOT part of the stem of a crinoid.

i'm leaning toward bryozoan on account of the lack of visible segmentation, but neither does it have branches or a lot of the distinctive marks i am seeing on most photos of bryozoans.

IMG_1260so if you happen to be a paleontologist, or know a paleontologist, please feel free to write in and tell me what it is.


see the rest of the photos

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