Tuesday, July 02, 2013

signs of trouble

here are some historic markers i saw at one site in central new york.

it is interesting to note the time in which each marker was erected.

IMG_0267monument erected 1911 auburn knights of columbus

this valley was the site
IMG_0264of the principal cayuga indian village

to the brave french jesuit
missionaries whose heroism
was almost without parallel

joseph chaumonot
and rene menard

who as guests of

chief saonchiocwa

built here in 1656 the first
house of christian worship
in western new york

stephen de carheil
who for nine years ministered
here and his co-labourer
peter raffeix

this memorial is respectfully erected

IMG_0268 front of map monument, detailed here, erected 1929

IMG_0270the cayuga castle capital of
the cayuga nation and outlying villages
extended from this spot
eastward on the great gully to
scipioville and mapleton.
here in 1656 laboured the jesuit
missionaries chamanot and menard
later lemoyne, de carheil, and raffeix.
they built here the first house of
christian worship west of onondaga.
hither came also the moravian missionaries,
gammerhoff and zeisberger first,
later sir william johnson.
the cayuga reservations were here.
the last cayugas and tuscaroras
departed about 1800.
the cayuga castle and near-by towns
were taken and destroyed by a detachment
from general sullivan's army commanded
by lieut-col. william butler
on september 22-23, 1779.

erected by the
state of new york



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