Monday, July 01, 2013

oatmeal cookies

ok, so i am going through a little phase of making treats to bring on roadtrip with me (by the time you read about that i will be back already, but i promise you, it will be cool.)

so anyway, i saw a recipe for these savory oatmeal cookies and i thought: huh. there's an interesting concept. why not? they might be tasty.

they are not "tasty". they are so freaking awesome that you will want to save yourself a lot of heartache and bother and just make a double or triple batch right out of the gate. they are so good that when they come out of the oven you will stuff a half dozen of them in your mouth even though you are trying to save them for later. they are so good you will want to call in the neighbors to tell them about it, only calling anyone would mean you might have to share the cookies, so you will decide to keep them a secret.

in the full report, i did two things a little different than the recipe: i substituted grade c maple syrup for the sugar because i intend to trade some of these for eggs with the egg lady who gave me the syrup so i wouldn't need sugar in things i trade back to her.

the maple will give a little more of a complex flavor to it than white sugar, but maple is good in savory things.

i also made the dough and let it sit overnight under wraps in the fridge. i do this with all cookie dough, but i suspect this softens the oatmeal in the cookie so if you want it chunkier, you should not do this.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

you tempt us with these posts that make one drool and then we don't get either cookies or the recipe. Now that's just damn mean don'tcha think?

flask said...

peg, sweetie, the recipe is linked. look for the word "these".


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