Monday, July 15, 2013

the US in the international sphere: a short story

so, like, there was this country that we were all mad at because of some mean things they did, some of which we TOTALLY did not deserve so we decided to go liberate a second, different country from its oppressors without even asking them if they wanted to be set free and join our club and there was a whole war about it and everything.

(does this sound familiar? it should.)

so this second country, the one that didn't want to be "liberated" from from the first one because they were totally fine with it and everything, they came over here and burned down the white house and in the end we decided to put that one in the "win" column in all our schoolbooks and stuff, which only makes that second country giggle when we say it.

(yes, i am talking about canada.)

if you spend any time at all in halifax, it's hard not to notice that the entire history of the city is kind of built up on the idea of defending canada from INVASION but since haligonians are, after all, canadian, they are fairly polite in the way they talk about the need to protect canada from invasion but don't dwell on the fact that the country they needed to protect themselves FROM was the US and boy, there sure are a lot of stupid american tourists wandering around up there who don't seem to realize it.


Ari said...

Do you know the song about this particular story? It is funny. You might like it.

By two guys from Alberta. Can not remember the names, just have the song on my player.

flask said...

ari, i do not think i know what song you're talking about, but when you find it on your player i'd be interested to know what it is.

Ari said...

Sorry for take so long. Music player is not work so well. May be because. Left out overnight.

Song is by three dead trolls in a baggie ( ) but can not find that song on website. Uploaded my copy to here:


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