Saturday, July 20, 2013

things that go bump

i was out riding wearing my big honkin' pack and things were going really well until the point at which, on an easy trail not going particularly fast, i simply fell over.

 it happens sometimes. here's a thing a lot of people do not know about falling from bicycles: the slower you are moving, the more it generally hurts.


because when you are moving, you might bounce or skid. when you are moving slowly or not at all, you simply fall directly with your full weight (and the weight of your gear) right onto the ground.

i happened to have fallen so that a sticky-up rock was right under my left thigh, just below the hip. it's a good wide muscle to land on if you're going to go down, but the sticky-up rock kind of makes what i'll call a "pressure point" and it was a few minutes of really stunning, spinning, subsuming pain.

everything's all ok, now, and i have this cute little bruise to show for it. oh. by "cute little", i mean "it's three and a half inches across".

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