Sunday, September 22, 2013

day one in maine

when i asked barb what time i should pick her up, she said "anythime after nine",  so i figured 9:02 would be just about perfect.

i managed to estimate the time it would take me to do my last chores and gas up the car pretty well, because i arrived in her driveway at 9:03.

"it's anytime after nine!", i shouted cheerily from the driveway.

it is a good thing barb has a sense of humor.

she had already been out in the morning to get a haircut, and she picked us up some muffins which i was TOTALLY going to need because at about 9:30 every morning i am STARVING and need to eat and you never know how your weird eating and sleeping habits are going to play with your friends when you go on a roadtrip with them.

the muffin got me through all the way until lunchtime, when by fortuitous chance we happened to have been near york, maine.

now, see, the one thing i was sad about not being near ogunquit for the weekend was that it would be hard to catch lunch at flo's, and i really wanted to go to flo's because a) it is good, and b) i am nearly out of relish at home. it s my new favorite condiment. later on maybe i will go on and on about that.


cabot millbut we get there just in time for lunch, so YAY! we are now completely unencumbered and we head for brunswick.

it's kind of a lottery destination, because when my stepmother was making the reservations, i couldn't decide where to go and she picked brunswick. this is perfect for me, and if you've read much of my story, the way i like to travel is to go where people send me and be surprised.

brunswick is an old mill town on the androscoggin river. the river smells like there are papermills upstream.
view from sea dog tavern

so we drove around a little and stopped at the swinging bridge, where we asked some local people where we should eat.

there's a thing about brunswick: it is a small town with only one main street and one "strip", but there is no shortage of very fine restaurants. when you ask people where you should eat, you get the feeling you are asking them to choose which of their children they like best.

frank j. wood bridge
we ended up going to the sea dog, where the food was good and the view fantastic. the server recommended the potato encrusted halibut, so that's what i had. it was good, and the vegetables that came with it were both good choices and well-prepared.

then we went for a lovely walk across the bridge to a small park and back to the hotel.

androscoggin river at last falls

arty shot of water

view of sea dog tavern

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