Thursday, September 26, 2013

have you seen this thing?

i am tempted to use it.

while i think it would be awesome, i often like to go into canada and i think that between that and the fact that i send regular letters to john kiriakou while he's serving time for whitleblowing illegal and immoral government activity, installing that thing would be just the thing to tip the scales so that my computer and phone would be stolen every time i try to cross the border.

and the harper government is even more of a corporate conservative lapdog than the obama administration, which is saying a lot.

so. as long as i entertain hopes of being able to pass in and out of canada, i probably shouldn't install that thing.

but i want to.

if i can't stop the corporate-funded spying on citizens for any reason at all, i at least want to be a smarty-pants about it.

down with government spying! down with legislative corruption! down with the war on women! down with the impoverishment of the middle class! down with the militarized police state!

last week i saw a bumpersticker, and it was not at all ironic:


what? really?


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