Wednesday, September 11, 2013

stupid arguments i have heard about syria

i was against it until i saw the videos of those women and children and how they suffered in the gas attack.

have you seen many videos of what women and children look like after a tomahawk missile hits them? or is the method of delivery of maiming and death really important to you?

and why are you more concerned about women and children especially? are men some special group it's ok to bomb the crap out of? or are you just assuming that all men are terrorists? maybe you haven't seen the statistics on child soldiers and women suicide bombers?

it's not ok to kill PEOPLE.

chemical weapons are illegal and we have to respond with military action.

military actions against countries who have not directly attacked yours are illegal by the same "rules" unless you have a UN mandate for it.

so by the exact same reasoning, iran or russia or even france could start bombing washington as soon as that first missile is launched.

let's also by the way maybe examine where those chemical weapons came from. maybe we should be bombing the countries that sold the weapons to assad's regime?

it is incumbent upon us to support the president and if he wants to go to war, we all have a duty to support him because he's the president and we don't want him to look weak.

what? you're kidding me, right?

ok, ok, let's take it down to small scale.

that guy who cut you of on the interstate? your kids should go over there to his house and shoot the crap out of his wife and kids because they have a duty not to let you look weak. if your family does not do this, you will lose your credibility with me and some of the other drivers. we will laugh at you.

you'd better go spill some blood, pal. you have a DUTY not to look weak.

does that sound crazy and disgusting?

it ought to. it ought to sound crazy and disgusting on a personal level and it ought to sound doubly crazy and disgusting when missiles are involved.

but we have to fight al-qaeda.

don't be an asshat. the people we're going in to drop missiles to help in syria are al-qaeda and al-qaeda allies. for some reason (read: the interests of oil companies and defense contractors), it's ok to help them out because ... nevermind. it is just so screwed up i can't find a solid place to stand in this huge lagoon of bullshit.

there are very few explanations for that and they mostly involve fat oil companies or possibly satan himself.

and those are just the more sensible explanations.


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