Thursday, September 12, 2013

why i am not now a supporter of my public radio station

a long time ago, i used to give $60, twice a year.

that was a lot for me.

and then there was an overambitious president of the station who thought he would like to raise more money. the way he thought it would be a good idea to raise money was to aggressively shake down current donors for MORE money.

so they started calling us at home asking for more money.

the first time i got the call, i was polite.

the second time i got the call, i told them not to call me again. they said they didn't think they could do that, since i was still on the membership list. did i want to stop being a member?

no, i just want you not to call me asking for money.

the third time i got the call, i said that they really needed to stop calling to ask me for money. i said that the next time they called to try to squeeze more money out of me, i was going to stop giving money to them altogether. they said they couldn't really control who was on the call lists and that they couldn't guarantee that.

just make a note, i said. do not keep calling me.

it wasn't even a week later before they called me again.

i don't send them money anymore.

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