Sunday, September 08, 2013

how to use a four way stop

i spend a lot of time standing on a particular corner. i see a lot of bad driving there. i see people on the phone while driving, but most of the bad driving is people who do not at his late point in the history of mankind know how to use a four way stop.

boys and girls, it's really simple.

follow this simple rule: when you get to the stop sign, memorize all the other cars who were there before you. when they have all gone through the intersection, it is your turn.

there are some variations for advanced players, like if you and a driver opposite are both going straight, you may proceed across the intersection that the same time he goes IF YOU DO NOT HOLD UP SOMEBODY ELSE WHOSE TURN IS BEFORE YOURS.

if you are unsure, just stick to the basics.

and if you think it is ok to turn left without stopping at the stop sign because you stopped once when you were three cars back, you are a douche canoe.

if you think it's ok to proceed through the intersection fifteen miles an hour above the posted speed limit without first bothering to pause and see if there is traffic coming, you ought to have that phone installed in your transverse colon.

remember, boys and girls: it is your turn to go after all the other cars who were at the stop sign before you have gone.

"at the stop sign" means anyone who is at the front of the line, and not three cars back.


was that so hard?

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