Monday, September 23, 2013

flo's hotdogs

i said maybe, right?

well, i have tabs open on my desktop about it and there is no point not telling you.

flo's hotdogs in cape neddick, maine is a favorite of mine. it's a good quality boiled hotdog on a steamed bun served by curmudgeonly people in a landmark shack, but what makes it really special is the sauce.

if you go there and you order any kind of dog but the house or the loaded, you're an idiot. this is because if you go to a place and they really only serve two things and everyone else there is ordering those two things, you should get one of those two things because if a place is in business that long selling two things- or more accurately, two versions of the same thing- you should order that.

the traditional way is the house dog. it comes with relish, mayonnaise, and celery salt. i don't care if that doesn't sound good to you. that's the way they eat it.

it is awesome. order the house dog. and get a can of moxie to go with it.

and when i say "relish", it is not what you're used to.  it is the special brown relish unique to this hotdog stand and last year i bought a jar to take home and i will tell you that it is my new favorite condiment. are you making anything with onions in it? toss some relish in there to pep it up. it goes anywhere you want something a little more spicy, a little more savory, or a little more brown.

yeah, brown. because in cooking brown is kind of a flavor of its own.

a perennial favorite in my house is a panload of onion cooked down until the onions start to turn golden and then you toss in some kielbasa and cook it until it's brown and then you take the kielbasa out of the pan to cut it up and when you do that you toss in a mess of sauerkraut and after you put the kielbasa back in you cook it down a while.

i have learned recently that you can drop a couple of spoonfuls of flo's relish in there and the thing just POPS out of the pan into your mouth.

just be sure when you eat it that the following day you are not going to be in a closed space with anyone who minds cabbagefarts.

i'm sorry, but there's just no nice way to say it.

you may not be able to get to cape neddick, but you can at least order the relish online.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

oh God I'm hungry now.


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