Sunday, February 09, 2014

crying out of a speeding ticket

i have gone through moretown a few times recently, which reminds me of that time i cried my way out of a speeding ticket.

well, truthfully, the purpose of the crying was not to get out of the ticket. when the officer pulled me over i had clearly already been crying for a LONG time and was covered in tears and snot. and being pulled over for speeding in moretown did not make me cry less than i already was.

"where are you going?" the officer asked.
"h-h--home." i wailed. "i live in fayston."
"where are you coming from?"
"the h-ho-hospital".
"all right, ma'am. just be careful and slow down."

and he let me go.

it was a long time ago, but i never drive by there without thinking of his kindness.

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Zhoen said...

I'd been driving too fast, wanting only to be home about 1AM, after essentially running a code on my patient for several hours, running on my own adrenaline. Saw that I wouldn't make it through the light, so did a wide and braking turn, saw the cop somewhere in this endless moment. Pulled over. Got out my license, rolled down the window, put my hands up on the dash and waited.

He approached. "Going a little fast there."
"Nearly ran that red light."
Long, long pause.

Hands me back my license. "Get home nice and slow."
"Yes, thank you."

Then I shook and cried.


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