Thursday, February 27, 2014

halfway there

i am working on a little geocache challenge, and quite frankly sometimes it feels more like a job than it does a game.

there is a challenge cache near my house for which you need a caching streak that's longer than your longest caching slump. a streak is a number of consecutive days with cache finds. a slump is a number of consecutive days without.

my slump is 236.

i looked at my goal number for that challenge, 237, and i thought: i will NEVER get that.

today is day 119.

granted, you won't have to do every cache, but i'm trying to pick up a challenge i like that will go easier if i can do the challenges near my house. and i have another little cache project i'm working on that i'm not talking about, plus i have decided that i want to finish out the year with an average of 3 caches found per day, for no particular reason.

the weight of the world and the weight of my illness hangs kind of heavy on me sometimes, and having a project helps.

today is day 119.

i have plans to go out tonight with my friend barb and do some night caching in stowe. when you hit your halfway mark, you ought to maybe celebrate with a friend. i am going to bring some nice sammidges and maybe a couple of bottles of ginger beer.

because i am halfway to the seemingly impossible goal.

1 comment:

cookie said...

oh my goodness. definitely an event to celebrate. halfway to "impossible" is absolutely excellent. :) congratulations!


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