Wednesday, February 19, 2014

snow and cold

last week i found myself in a brief conversation with someone who had moved to florida. aside from my pathological hatred of florida, i was annoyed because the tone of the conversation suggested that i ought to maybe feel jealous of someone in florida instead of where i live, which is right now blissfully cold and snowy.

i pretended i did not realize what this person was saying, and offered condolences that they'd had to allow a job to relocate them to such an unpleasant place.

"we love the snow", they said, "but we hate the cold".


that's like loving meals but hating food.

the cold is what makes the wonderful, glorious snow possible. the cold is what makes it possible to go out and play in the wonderful glorious snow.

maybe what they meant was "we love to look at snow through windows at christmas but that's about it."

there's a reason i'm nearly fifty years old and never gone to rio or cancun or miami. it's because i cannot imagine wanting to be in any of those places. they have horrid beastly weather in summer, and why on earth would anyone leave somewhere awesome like vermont or minnesota or norway in WINTER? if you leave in winter, you're missing the good part. you are missing the whole POINT.

the list of places i hope never to have to see before i die include australia, mexico, ecuador, morocco, and indonesia.

my list of places i might enjoy going include finland, norway, siberia, alaska, northern ontario, and antarctica.

see a pattern forming here?

meanwhile, i am working on my awesome snohaus. want to know what three tons of snow looks like all piled up? you should come to my yard.

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Zhoen said...

Amen. Although I would like to visit some of those places, for short trips. Still, I'd prefer a boat tour up the fjords, or Vancouver Island, or Glacier National Park.

My only issue with snow is driving in it, and shoveling it, and only because of other drivers and my own crapped out back. A year without a solid winter feels very wrong.


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