Wednesday, February 05, 2014

from the roots

usually when i have something this fungussy looking in a container in my kitchen, i start planning which day i will take out the trash and i time the opening of that container to coincide with a trip to the dumpster.

this thing, however,  looks all fungussy on purpose. i grew this from a chunk of the mycelium of some nearly spent oyster mushrooms i grew from a kit.

it turns out that if you have good roots and they're not totally dead you can give them a food source and tuck them in the fridge to go dormant for a while and they'll start to eat the new food and then when the clump of stuff is all fungussy like that you can leave them out in the open and they will fruit.

this particular clump of stuff is a ziploc bag containing some straw that i sterilized and wrapped around a chunk of oyster mycelium and i wrapped the whole thing in a moist paper bag and stuffed in the fridge until the mushroom started to eat the straw.

it likes to eat cellulose.

i like to eat oyster mushrooms.

this is going to work out nicely.

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