Friday, February 14, 2014

snow day

well, every school in vermont is closed this morning, as well as a great number of schools in new york and new hampshire.

the thing about vermont school closings is that it's not at all like the georgia school closings we all heard about last week.

here in vermont for the most part people know how to drive on snow, but this morning's forecast has the greatest snowfall volume of the day falling between seven and nine this morning, which is kind of when you'd want to be running those busses.

in burlington the decision point for school cancellation is whether or not crew can clear the sidewalks, since so many of the burlington kids walk to school.

yesterday i went out to do my grocery shopping and find my caches of the day early, so i could be home before the storm started.

today i will simply wait until it;s mostly over to go out.

so far i am not impressed by this storm, but then again, i'm still five hours away from the best part of it. if i can still look out my front windows, i'm not impressed.

i may start my snohaus.

snohaus? you say.

well, last year i started building it and then january thaw destroyed it and we never again had the snow for it.

and the year before i built pretty good, but i didn't show you because there was a thing in which my life was kind of upside-down.

maybe i will get to those pictures.

today i will probably build some and i will sit tight and bake bread and maybe do laundry or clean the bathrooms or something.

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