Friday, February 21, 2014

osmore pond 9 february

here's an entire day of geocaching by ski condensed into fifteen minutes of norwegian-style video.

(long-form real-time videos of river cruises and multi-day documentaries about firewood or knitting are very popular on norwegian television)

so it's REAL reality video, in which we go skiing and find some geocaches and don't find others and also we replace some that are missing.

we do not create drama like will they fall through the ice? will they get back to the road before they run out of water? and we do not fight or play pranks or do AMAZING things. we just spend a nice day outdoors. this video shows what it was like.

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Hundewanderer said...

Thank you for sharing a video of your day. I also geocache (only a few dozen in comparison to your few thousand), I prefer caches I can hike to. Hiking in your environment is much more industrious than me hiking in my Arizona desert!


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