Thursday, February 13, 2014

medium size

i was in the dunkin' donuts in downtown barre yesterday where i encountered the idiocy of american marketing, plus just plain idiocy.

the woman asked me what size coffee i wanted.

"small", i said.
"we don't have small. we only have medium, large, and extra large"
"no, you still have small, medium, and large. you've just renamed them." "all right, then."
"well, which do you want?" she asked me with a predatory glee as if she were delighted to be playing against someone so stupid.
"obviously, since you have only three sizes and i asked for a small, you should give me the  smallest of those sizes, regardless of whether you have named your small size 'medium', 'huge', or 'gargantuan'" i'll have the medium, please."

...and then she want and put in my order for a large.


Zhoen said...

"The smallest you have, then."

Have you read

flask said...

no, but now i'll have to look.


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