Monday, February 17, 2014

you need this tool

in the second week of januray i saw what is maybe my favorite commercial for a thing ever.

it was clearly intended as an ad before christmas, but it was running afterward for whatever reason.

i only saw it the once, so while it's like to quote it for you, the best i can do is paraphrase:

if you don't have this tool, you should ask for it or buy it for yourself because it's a good tool and it's versatile and well made and you will enjoy using it on your projects. once you have this tool it will become a favorite of yours for years to come and you will find yourself using it more and more because it does a lot of things and is easy to use.

i'd like to say that the down-to-earth tone of it is not a flattening exaggeration on my part. that's really the way the script went.

and instead of showing problems that can only be solved with this tool or emotional needs that can only be met with this tool or how surely your friends would be impressed by it, the video simply showed people working on projects.

it was the most low-key commercial for anything i ever saw. it treated the viewer not as someone who can't manage to fry eggs or close a chip bag or change a lightbulb without special help, but as a competent person who just might want this tool.

this commercial was so effective i wanted to go right out and buy one of these tools, even though i already have one.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

and you're not telling us the tool?
I may need this. :-)

flask said...

what, you don't have a dremel tool?


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