Sunday, February 16, 2014


i was going to wait to tell you about our fun and games in groton state forest until i had the video edited.

you know, because naturally you like norwegian-style documentary, which is to say slow-moving films of ordinary things.

but what the heck? if you're a frequent reader of this blog, you are interested in temporal distortions in terms of narrative flow.

yesterday i went up with my friend barb to the groton state forest to ski and look for some geocaches, and i want to tell you more about that, but right now i just want to go all whiny-ass on you and say that i am so sore that it was difficult for me to sleep last night.

typically if i have done some outside activity for eight hours i sleep like a stone.

but oh, no. last night i was so sore i kept waking up.

plus i had to get up in the night to go find food because STARVING.

today i think i will do a lot of sofa surfing.

uh, and oh. i still have to go out and find some geocaches.

and work on snohaus.

i will probably not work so hard on it that i move a half ton of snow or anything, but i gots to do SOME.

it's like a rule or something.

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