Thursday, June 19, 2014

a lot has happened on facebook since you last logged in.

i have a facebook account. i have it under a fake name because every once in a while a business or organization will get confused and think a facebook page constitutes an acceptable web presence.

first, it's not an acceptable web presence.

there's a lot of new legalese at a lot of companies now that reading their facebook page or hitting their "like"button constitutes your agreement never to sue them for anything, ever.

i am not kidding about this, but you have to go find your own links.

it's also not an acceptable web presence because if as a business or organization you have a webpage, anyone with any browser can go to it, and you are not bound by the terms of one huge skeezy corporation for access between you and your clients / customers / patrons / members.

plus facebook will be happy to throttle back your messages so that unless you pay a premium rate, only SOME of your contacts will get your information.

i hope they are first against the wall when the revolution comes.

anyway, i recently received a message from facebook that "a lot has happened on facebook" since i last logged in.

(you know you should always log out of facebook, right? because they track every webpage you visit and every action you take for the entire time you're logged in?)

so i logged in to read the ONE notification that facebook wants me to feel i'll be left out of things if i don't read.

the important notification that constitutes "a lot has happened on facebook" since i last logged in?

they're improving their advertising.

gosh, i don't know how i was going to live without knowing that.

thanks, facebook.

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Kristin @ Going Country said...

Facebook freaks me out. I don't have an account, which makes me kind of an anomaly among people my age, but I will never get an account if I can help it.

Unfortunately, it seems as if schools are joining the bandwagon and use it for parents' information, so I may be forced to use it at some point. I hope not, though. Creepy.


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