Sunday, June 08, 2014

carpenter hill

partly the truth is that i just like for you all to see what the landscape i live on looks like, but part of the truth is also that cookie seems to love these little videos of the roads and trails, so sometimes when i'm out on the road, i think: hey. cookie should see this.

you know, because cookie is from somewhere altogether flatter and dustier.

so here's carpenter hill road on a monday morning, from start to finish. it's my POV as i'm driving, and what you can't see unless you pull off or really look off to the sides (which is unwise while driving) are the sugarbushes and old farmhouses and the carpenter hill cemetery, which has graves dating back to the 1700s. it appears to be some kind of rule in there that if you want to be buried on carpenter hill, you have to have a headstone in the style of the old burials, which is kind of nice because the old burials used local slate, a material that is pretty AND it holds up to the weather better than granite.


here's the video:


Cookie said...

Yes!! I do so enjoy your beautiful countryside expeditions. Thank you for letting us "ride shotgun" sometimes. :)

Hundewanderer said...

I'm not "Cookie", but I have to say, I enjoy your ride or drive videos very much. Your world is very different from mine - I live in the desert and I enjoy taking in your tall tress, green grass and lovely views. Thank you for sharing.


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