Monday, June 16, 2014

woo! home!

yes, i KNOW i am not yet done telling you about my LAST trip, but last week i packed up my car and went to visit my grandmother.

...which meant camping in somebody's driveway (more pleasant than it sounds), going off and having little adventures and then stopping by at some point in the day to bring happy tales and show pictures to my grandmother.

five days later, i'm home.

if you'll excuse me, i have some dinner to eat. and a shower to take. and laundry to put in the machine. and a car to unpack.

later on i have pictures for you, and i took a little video for cookie and hundewanderer, because i was on the mt. ascutney park road and it was so spectacularly mountain-y and GREEN that i made a second trip just to make a video. i am not sure how it came out yet, and i have not yet gotten the little attachment thingy that will let me make video from outside my car.



personal hygiene.



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