Sunday, June 01, 2014

this is YOUR fault

this is YOUR fault, i say, shaking my finger accusingly at the acres and acres of trees now in full leaf and bloom on the ridgelines above my house.

i am miserable. my eyes and nose keep running and i don't so much care about the nose because that's why we have sleeves, dammit, but i am getting right tired of having to wash my face every five minutes or so because the running of my eyes leaves me  with sticky eyelids that are starting to be cracked sores and have you TRIED reading through that?

i have just sucked down some allergy medicine, which i thought to buy yesterday when i was at the pharmacy.

and i continue to shake my finger at the trees each time i look out the window.

1 comment:

Straight Up No Chaser said...

Their beauty is their fault that you are feeling this way. They did it to me a few months ago. But now we have made peace. Hope you will soon!


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