Monday, June 02, 2014

i have things to tell you.

i swear, i have things to tell you, pictures to show you, rants to rant!

i am right now, however catching up in my geocaching logs which isn't going so well because i have to find a geocache every day until time itself comes to an end (or so it seems) and i am working on a new cache puzzle for -none of your business why, it's a secret-

and holy HONK, i swear, when i get a little bit organized or caught up i will have pretty pictures and norwegian-style video and amusing little stories that involve game wardens and guys named fred and tow straps and stuff.

at this very moment, though, i smell powerful much bad and also i have to go turn my pants inside out because


wait for it


i waded through poison ivy today.

heh. you just had NO idea how that was going to turn out, did you?

also, i've worn out two pairs of hiking boots.

and maybe a clutch.

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