Monday, June 09, 2014

sometimes i just stop; an open letter

dear guy whose blog i used to read,

this morning i took your blog off of my reading list because i'd simply had enough and decided i was better off not reading you anymore.

the last straw? a political post in which you blame most of what's wrong with america on president obama and call him "ayatollah obongo".

if you didn't come in in the last ten minutes, you already know that i'm no fan of the president. i think he's a  dangerous lying tool of the warmongering surveillance state, patsy of the oil companies, and a war criminal to boot.

as soon as you use the name "ayatollah obongo", you have excused yourself from the table where the grownups are talking.

the minute you lodge your criticism of him in the name "ayatollah obongo", you are blowing your mean little dog whistle to summon your low-life white supremacist islamophobe tinfoil hat wearing birther friends to the rally.

you are trading on race (because african names are savage names) and you are trading on anti-islamic sentiments (despite the fact that president obama belongs to the united church of christ). you are using low, low tactics that rely on racism, lies, and more racism.

how about you stand up and be a big boy and make arguments based on what you think is actually wrong with the president based on what the president actually does or says wrong, which would actually give you a great deal of material to work with?

the president is just as corrupt and dangerous as any of the creepy corrupt white old men who have ever held an elected office in new jersey and louisiana put together.

so i'm done with you, and good riddance.

love, flask


Cookie said...

Oh, flask. This hits on so much of what's disastrously wrong, wrongs that we ourselves create. Not a tornado, not an earthquake, not a flood--uncontrollable disastrous things--but the active diffusion of hate for other human beings.

jennifer anderson said...

good for you!


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