Tuesday, June 17, 2014

family relations

the yard i was staying in this week is sort of my uncle's.

because i've never really thought of him as my uncle, even though he's my stepmother's brother.

it's odd, maybe, because i think of my stepmother as a fully functional mom and i only call her my stepmother because i still have the original fully functional mom and it seems easier to label them that way.

and my grandmother is my stepmother's mom.

so i guess if i go to visit my grandmother and stay in her son's yard (which is like a luxury campsite, next to the pond) it's just easier all around if i call him my uncle when explaining to people where i am staying.

i think i'll just still call him john mostly, just as always. it fits in, because outside of my dad, i call all my relatives by their first names. it's a family thing.

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