Wednesday, June 11, 2014

towdilly stranded

i am assuming you will forgive me if i tell stories out of order, since you never have seemed to mind before.

i believe i told you that last month while i was up in maine i needed a tow on my first day on the ground there.

so then some stuff happened, and there was some kayaking on pretty water, blah, blah

so then after that i went out for a drive out into the NOWHERES and most of you will have difficulty really understanding the remoteness of this part of maine, but i was out there pretty good.

when i travel, i always like to have plans B. C, and maybe D for what i will do in case for some reason i am stranded out in the nowheres.

plan B involves unracking the bike from my roof and riding into the nearest town for help.

plan C involves staying with the vehicle and setting up camp.   until now i never have gotten to use those plans.

so yay?

anyway, i told the story pretty good in the geocache logs and i don't think i can improve much on the telling of that so i'm just going to link you.

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