Saturday, February 12, 2011

abstract landscape

today is day 27 at snohaus. "massive" is one word that one of my neighbors has used to describe it. "crazy" is probably another, but not in my hearing. the children across the street have started building a snowfort with stairs and a little dug out area, and a guy across the way has built an igloo that he plans to spend the night in tonight.

i'm a veteran of winter camping, but i can't wrap my head around winter camping so close to a warm bed.

anyway, i'm finally going to tell you about a thing i've been meaning to tell you about for a long time:

last october, before the Very Bad Thing happened, i was at a potluck and the host tells me that i'm not to leave before he gives me a thing. it's a birthday present, nevermind my birthday is in december. it's large and light and wrapped in a garbage bag and handed over unceremoniously.

but what it is is this fantastic painting, the work of abbie bowker. a long time ago i was at a showing of hers and i can't begin to afford awesome paintings, but this one had my attention. i fell in love with it. the landscape is loosely based on a view of mount mansfield, which is a mountain i can see from my living room on a good day. it is the highest mountain in vermont.

i love vermont. i love mountains. i love things i can see from my sofa.

and i love this painting.

and now, courtesy of the artist, it's mine.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

oh flask I so love this painting! It's beautiful. What a lovely and thoughtful gift.

I too love mountains and seeing them from my sofa ain't a bad thing. Add in water and I'll never leave!


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