Wednesday, February 09, 2011

ya gots ta laugh

ok, so i'm still working on snohaus, and maybe soon i'll have more pictures for you. and there are a couple of videos i might link you to later, but not now because i don't feel like it. and i was reading blogs today and i'm kind of grumpy about one that i used to like a lot where the lady used to write about stuff she was doing, but now her blog is one giant collection of STUFF SHE LOVES, complete with links that you can use to buy the stuff, and the only reason i keep reading her is that she's taken blog whoring to new heights.

the thing about it, though, is that most of the stuff she posts about, except for the link exchanges with other ladies desperate to gain readers and count hits, is that by the time she posts about any given thing it's already been going around the internet for a couple of weeks and isn't even OLD news.

my analysis is that while she had a lot of content, she had a handful of actual readers and she was interesting. now she has nearly no real content but lots and lots of "readers", but something tells me that it's worse than tupperware parties. it's like collecting facebook friends and twitter followers just to collect them, and you just KNOW most of those visitors are only there because they're trying to drive visitors to their own sites.

it's on my mind because i just read her most recent post, which is all about how many visitors she has. her post yesterday was a commercial for a product very similar to the shamwow. the post wasn't anything more than advertising copy, and a lot of it, disguised feebly as pleasant chat.

no, i'm not going to link you to it. i'm just not. but i will quote her verbatim (italics mine):

(product name and link removed).
Sounds all spacey and cool huh?
Oh it is.

I recently came across (product name and link removed) while looking for a better option when it came to cleaning up wet messes and scrubbing down the kitchen, bathroom and dishes. I normally run to my paper towels or to those yellow and white checkered kitchen rags that stain and fall apart after 2 uses. I hated buying paper towels only to see them pulled off two and three long and wasted on a small clean-up job!! Seemed like such a waste!

Well, I found my solution in (product name and link removed) They boast a better cloth that is also environmentally friendly! Did you know that 2.5 million tons of paper towels are used annually!? The (product name and link removed) is made from renewable and raw materials such as cellulose (a derivative of wood) and cotton! One
(product name and link removed) is comparable to 15 rolls of paper towels! What savings!!!

so. i didn't mean to go all grumpy on you. what i MEANT to do was give you a short list and linkdump to my favorite webcomics, because i loves me my comics and i thought i'd like to tell you which ones i read regularly.

instead of trying to tell you about them, i'm just going to give you a list.  you do your own clicking.

toothpaste for dinner
the oatmeal
the non-adventures of wonderella
the adventures of superhero girl
saturday morning breakfast cereal
questionable content
girls with slingshots
cyanide and happiness
comic jk - you have to be pretty nerdy for this one. sometimes i am not nerdy enough.

and not really a comic strip, but laugh-out-loud and brilliant: hyperbole and a half.   you probably know about her, though, because everyone seems to know about her. i've been reading her for a while, but last week i heard them talking about her on NPR, so pretty much everybody knows now.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I too have apparently let you down by one of your comments but I promise I will never sell anything!! ever. I hate those blogs too!

flask said...

oh, peg.

i can't like every post, i guess. i made a promise to myself to call out all those questionnaires that go around. i was pissy about it because i'd just seen a blog i used to love change over to all questionnaire answers, all the time.

and something in me thought that if i was going to comment on that and the others, i had to do you, too, even though you're my favorite.

i don't even mind blogs where they sell things. blogs that do this with integrity identify posts that are made as parts of an exchange.

sometimes a blogger reviews a product for pay or for publicity and i have no problem with doing that. what sucks is people passing off advertising as real blogging.

you're no link whore and i know it.

Yankee Girl said...

Everything in moderation, right? I have a few of those blogs who I follow simply because they were following me, but I never visit them anymore. There are enough people trying to sell me things, I don't need to get it from a blog.

Unless, of course, one of my favs is promoting it, and said fave doesn't sell things on a regular basis...then I might check it out.

JLR said...

Love toothpaste for dinner! My friend and I use the Ambien Walrus reference all the time. ("Not now, Ambien Walrus, I'm trying to lose my car keys").

(Also love Natalie Dee.)

Now I'm going to go check out the others that you referenced. Thanks for posting them!


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