Saturday, February 26, 2011

failures and delights

so i got it into my head that i had to make turkish delight. it's probably not important why exactly, and it probably cuts too close, but i wanted to make something sweet and delicate and interesting for cr.

it took a few tries. first i had a recipe that was missing some steps and all i had was hardened sugar syrup. then i kind of figured out what was going on and tried again, but i hadn't let the sugar syrup heat up enough, so it never set up right. nice flavor, but it wasn't going to harden enough to eat except with a spoon, not ever.

so then i looked at a different recipe, and started again.

i let the first batch simmer too long too hot and it caramelized a little, which was all right because it still had a nice taste and the lovely brown color suits the almond flavor i'd planned to give it. and then i figured out more of how to work it, and made two more batches over a couple of days, in rose flavor and lavender.

they're pretty and delicate, but they have an odd similarity to, uh, flesh tone.

...if you're pinkish.

...which i am.

anyway, i made a slideshow of my pictures, and here's a fun little video of the stuff simmering. it's very thick, so it's a SLOW simmer, which i thought was amusing enough to record.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe I've ever had turkish delight...what, exactly, does it tste like? Is it chewy? Congratulations on working it out.

Givinya De Elba said...

Wow flask, you're amazing. I LOVE Turkish delight, but have never thought I could make it. because I don't think I could.

Well, what a SHAME it must be to have all those trials that weren't quite right that you have to eat? Hm. Do you need any help? I could be on a plane in 24 hours ...

Swadhi said...

Sounds like fun in the kitchen! I have never tried Turkish delight but I would LIKE to. In the first Chronicles of Narnia movie, one of the characters eats Turkish delight and it looks yummy.


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