Thursday, February 17, 2011


i'm pleased to see that someone just bought a bunch of one of my items at my zazzle store. i'm not sure what anyone is going to do with 15 ceramic ornaments with my dove design on them, but my cut of that is 10%, so that's money in my pocket i'd otherwise never see.

it's kind of awesome for me, because it was a design i made for cr and i just happened to have taken a pretty photograph of it before i gave it to her, and this winter i thought maybe i'd just make it available for people who might buy it.

i'm not marketing very aggressively, or even at all, unless you count the sidebar on my blog, so i'm always surprised when someone finds and buys one of these things.

i kind of want to know what they're doing with fifteen of the same product, though. are they reselling them? giving them as a gift to multiple people? awards for something? decorations for a church? a wedding? some event?

i guess if i'm going to sell this stuff, i don't get to be fussy about who the purchaser is or how they will use my designs. that's my copyright, and i still get paid.

paid. that's kind of awesome.


RW said...

Maybe they're going to give out 15 little gifts?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the sale.


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