Monday, February 14, 2011


it was a bad day at snohaus; it was forty degrees and that's bad for the structure. there was a loss of height, and my neat edges and flat surfaces have eroded somewhat. late in the day when it started to cool down i was able to re-face some of the surfaces, but since the temperature is only going to be in the single digits tomorrow, there won't be much that's workable until wednesday.

and although i did get some things done today, editing video was not one of those things, so i have no fun snohaus pictures to show you.

and i don't feel like telling you about what's going on in my kitchen right now, although probably later i will tell you about it.

what i feel like telling you about is a comic book. i heard about it this fall while i was running around on backroads in the green mountain state forest, in an episode of the NPR culture blog monkey see and as the nice gentleman said, it is "not a 'graphic novel'; it is a comic book."

and it sounded so awesome that i thought i'd better get a copy for crashco if he'd never heard of it, since he likes comic books. and i looked it up when i got home and saw it wasn't all that expensive, so i got three. if a thing was going to be that awesome, i figured that i should have a copy, and so should my sister, who likes weird stuff.

tales designed to thrizzle #6.

now with TOO MUCH COLOR!

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