Friday, February 25, 2011

kind of fun

ok, so i have some pictures for you of the thing from my kitchen, but i'm waiting for another batch to set, so nothing for you yet.

and i've been clocking photos, but it turns out i'm only halfway through august. AUGUST!?!? well. still workin' on it.

and i was going to write more things that i've been meaning to tell you, but i notice that i have a LOT of open tabs in that "interesting or fun things" window i have open in my browser, and maybe i ought to just finish up some stuff and close some tabs, ok?

plus it's snowing like a sonofagun, eight inches today and counting, so i have time to play with stuff here at my desk since it turns out there's no party for me to go to this evening.


here's a funny sign that made me laugh. i like this sort of guerilla art, which leads me sort of to the next thing:

red bull has put up an awesome awesome collection of street art through google street view.  and if you like your art museum-y, there's a collaborative art project between street view and a bunch of art museums, which is also awesome.

and less cool but still entertaining: where the streets have your name, a fun little -you guessed it- map related amusement.

but then MAPS MEET THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!, which is super fun if your idea of fun is trying to escape zombies and keep from dying, and thanks to this cool toy you can now do it in your neighborhood. i don't usually browse in chrome, but it's worth opening up a second browser to play with. i managed to outrun the zombies (at the easy level) and get out of town, surviving nearly a half hour. apparently once you get away from them, you're safe, as long as you keep running. those first few seconds will get you nearly every time, though.

and while i'm not usually into the zombie apocalypse, i have TWO zombie-related links for you today. there's a neat interactive youtube thing called "editing the dead", which puts you right in the zombie action.

and then there's this comic:

it can be found at toothpaste for dinner.

that's it for today.

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mybabyjohn said...

We were lucky and missed that whole storm system....more construction material for your building project though.


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