Tuesday, February 08, 2011


yesterday was day 22 on the snohaus build. it was too warm by midday to do a lot of structural work, but i managed to move some snow and make some progress on the connecting tunnel.

right now the connecting tunnel doesn't actually connect anything, but if you look at this picture of the upper walkway, i'm putting a second dome just to the left of where i'm standing to take the picture and underneath that long wall is going the tunnel to connect the two domes in an indoor sled run. i think it will be very cool.

this second picture shows the upper walkway from down my the entrance to the main cave. down the end of the walkway is where the second dome is going. it's not possible to see from the photo that behind the wall is a massive conical base that goes all the way down to the ground. the top of the structure there is maybe six and a half feet off the ground.

but then you get into the nitty gritty, the part that terrifies me, the part that terrifies peg. it's big enough now that once i ride my sled through the tiny little entrance hole i can sit up and even kneel comfortably, and it's big enough to use a shovel inside, so if i don't think too hard about the tunnel that i'm building my heart rate is almost normal.

but see? next to the sled? next to the entrance hole? that's the mouth of the tunnel. why yes, it IS very small. it is only large enough for me to creep in on my belly, which i do on the sled. because the tunnel slants up, i have to work hard to creep up, but then all i have to do is release my grip and i come flying out the bottom.

it goes far enough now that when i'm digging in there, i am entirely up in there, which makes me need to concentrate very hard on the digging and not so much on the not being able to move so much or lift my head, because if i think about those things i feel my stomach coming up.

happily, like i said, all i have to do is release my hold and i come sliding out backward.

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