Friday, February 18, 2011

fifty-nine blogs

today i thought i'd do a little thing i've been threatening to do. you know that i read random blogs and subscribe to ones i like.

i decided to visit a bunch of random blogs and pick out the best ones for you. but then the farther in i waded, the more i saw that today's crop of random wasn't yielding very much that's good or interesting. i had to visit fifty-nine blogs until i found ONE that i thought was worth subscribing to.

of the first fifty eight, here's my breakdown:

14 were well out-of date and not being updated.
14 were sicky-sweet cute mommy blogs.
14 were just plain not very good.
3 were commercial
3 were informational on topics of no interest to me
3 were way too preachy
2 were very bad writing
2 had auto-play music
1 was in a language i don't read
1 had bad formatting, and
1 was pretty good except it only gets updated every four or five months.

the winner is this blog here. i like it. maybe you will, too.


RW said...

wow flask... I want you to know that I am as picky and contrary as they come. I'm usually skeptical of everything from Rome to heating vents. But you're top blog is pretty God damn fucking cool. I just followed...

Yankee Girl said...

That was some serious commitment to finding a good blog. It's way too bad that there are so many blogs out there that are disinteresting.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

flask - I am thankful for you stopping by my little blogger world after reading this post I think I may be a few of those things on your bad list. :-(

This one looks good so I have to go read now.

BTW can we do away with the sicky-sweet cute mommy blogs and those that are nothing more than a page of advertisment?! Sheesh.

flask said...

peg, which of those would you be?

you know i love your blog. i read every one you write.

Anonymous said...

Thought I would comment and say neat theme, did you make it for yourself? It's really awesome!


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