Thursday, February 24, 2011

one in the morning

when your alarm clock goes off at one in the morning, what do you do?
  • assume it's a mistake and roll over?
  • wonder who has played this cruel trick on you?
  • draaaaaag yourself outta bed for whatever activity you've misguidedly gotten yourself into?
  • reach for your camera and take a picture?
yeah, that last one. at least that's what you do if you're me. every thirteen hours i take a picture. i don't even wake up anymore; i just take the picture.

and sometimes, apparently, just a little more. i was loading my photos onto my computer and i noticed a couple dozen pictures that were mostly just unidentifiable pink.


and then -oh!- that's an eye. hello. and that thing? oh, i really hope that's not - no, just a nose.

and what an interesting angle!

something white and flat?

oh. the ceiling.

and i wonder why i wake up feeling not fully rested?


Mad Jack said...

I show up here and after reading a few missives I wonder if I've fallen into a rabbit hole.

mybabyjohn said...

You wake up and take a picture, I wake up and write down my dreams. Wanna trade for a while?

flask said...

mybabyjohn: you write down your dreams every thirteen hours? that's weird. i'd have to wake up for that.

mad jack: thanks, i think. it's that kind of life.


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