Thursday, August 01, 2013

the weight of my pack

last night i ran my usual tuesday night trail run, only i did it in long pants, hiking boots, and a full pack.

that's how i'm going to have to go for the bitter pill, and because i am not yet carrying my food for that race, my pack contains four pounds of dried beans.

in my pack: boots, water shoes, dry pack, dry bag, four pair spare socks, hat, gloves, bandana, bug hat, bug dope, first aid kit, bike tools, pack towel, dry bag, compass, map bag, notebook, pencils, calculator,  loop of para cord, knife, carabiners, spotting scope, camera, camera battery, lip balm, headlamp a hundred ounces of water... and dry beans.

i wear it around the house while i'm doing laundry and stuff and a couple of days ago i was whining to myself that it's hard going up stairs with the extra weight.

and then i said to myself: it's only 23 pounds and you have in recent memory weighed more than 23 pounds more than you do now and you went up and down stairs without complaining, so how 'bout you drop and give me 20?

don't take the pack off.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

My son weighs almost exactly 23 pounds. I've been in training for this race all this time and didn't even know it.

flask said...

tell you what: you come over here and be my new partner, because when my current teammate discovers the swim is going to be in gillett pond, she is going to quit, maybe.

you ask any ten people who know gillett pond to describe it and the first words that leap to their minds are invariably "leech infested".


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