Saturday, August 09, 2014

blister pack

two weeks ago i got poison ivy.

a week ago i got it again. it's not just like a skin irritant. you get an immune reaction that can hit your bloodstream and make trouble for you outside the immediate area of the blisters.

speaking of which, i have some fabulous pictures of the blisters, which i am not showing you.

you're welcome.

let's just say they are large and numerous.

and that i do not feel good.


Zhoen said...

Benedryl? Or epinephrine? There are some decent benedryl creams these days.

Poor dear.

flask said...

benadryl, no epi.

it's a slow moving thing. i wonder: why do my allergies seem so BAD today?

why do my joints hurt?

why are my eyes puffy?


Cookie said...

D: Oh, I am so sorry. Please take care!


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