Thursday, August 14, 2014

little house

i have an interest in outhouses.

primarily it's because i am often in places where an outhouse is tops in amenities. i am not talking about a nasty plastic hut that gets cleaned once every other season. those are gross.

but there exist some lovely composting toilets and just plain old fashioned outhouses that when well-managed, are convenient, inexpensive, and fairly sanitary.

a couple of days ago i was i hubbard park, which is on the hill behind the state capitol building. maybe later i will write and tell you more about vermont's capital city, because if you don't live here it's kind of hard to imagine our tiny little capital (population 7855 in the 2010 census), our gorgeous capitol and its public spaces, or the gun-toting civil liberties vegetarian gay rights lovefest vibe that sort of permeates downtown.

but anyway, i was up in hubbard park and i noticed that since i was there last they've installed some outhouses at strategic locations. they are exceptionally nice outhouses as these things go, and i took the liberty of making a little video tour to show you.

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