Saturday, August 16, 2014

talking to strangers

so today i was at a letterbox in stowe and found myself talking to some nice people from texas who turn out to be geocachers, but weren't geocaching on this vacation.

mmm-hm. yup. they are super amused by my idea of what constitutes hot weather. they are amazed by the beauty of our state capital.

and then i go to a cache up at sunset rock and there are people on the rock, a middle aged woman and a young girl. they invite me to sit down o the rock with them. we make some chitchat. they offer me lunch.

you know how i love lunch.

so we hang out. they've heard of geocaching, only never done one. i offer to let them find the one i just came from. i hand them my GPS and we go over there. then we have a look at a nearby glacial pothole.


1 comment:

Cookie said...

You are a lovely person. :)


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