Saturday, August 02, 2014


by the time this post publishes, i will be out on the racecourse.

did i mention that i am team captain? somebody has to be captain for some kind of paperwork purpose, but there's only two of us on the team.

my more important job is feeder.

did you know "feeder" is a thing? it totally is. in endurance racing you have to be careful to keep your food and water topped up because when you're burning that many calories for that many hours if you wait until you're hungry or thirsty it is way too late to continue your level of exertion well.

if you do enough endurance races, you will have an experience where you or someone on you know is standing crying in a corner store unable to move until she gets that special cupcake about which she has been fantasizing for the last four days and it's the only reason she made it the last hundred miles only thy;re out of the special cupcake and now someone has to talk her down.

feeder is the person who helps avoid this problem by making sure everybody has food and drink at proper intervals.

my philosophy about team feeding is that the team should have delicious and nutritious foods and also be surprised some.

so my teammate is getting her feed bag with some things she can see and some things she can't.

there's a little bag of logan breads. logan bread is a heavy backpacking bread made with a lot of sugars and whole wheat flour.

there's a bag of cracked pepper parmesan rosemary oatmeal cookies.

there are two soy sauce eggs.

and three mystery sandwich wraps. my teammate will not know what they are until she opens them:

turkey and swiss with fresh vegetables. honey mustard and just a tiny bit of currant jelly. mmm, secret sauce.

roasted sweet potato, roasted mushrooms, and caramelized onions.

szechuan peanut noodles, mushroom and carrot simmered in master sauce, and sweet and hot cabbage. it's weird and cross cultural, but these things actually are awesome wrapped in a tortilla. chinese dinner burrito. no kidding.

and in my pack i will be carrying two snickers bars and two packs of oreos because my teammate's favorite thing is oreos. when it's late in the day and we're tired and we have to carry the boat up some horrid hill will be a good time for me to tell her there are oreos.

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