Saturday, August 23, 2014

until the cows come home

yesterday i was visiting a marker on the route of the old crown point military road and a fairly large group of heiffers came over to look at me. you don't maybe realize what a large animal a cow is until a whole herd of them come running over to see you.

they were good natured, though.

but flask, i hear you say. are you so much of an expert on the personalities of cows?

well, no. if you've ever had a group of them come running over to look at you when they weren't happy to see you, you know the difference. there is a lot in an animal's body language that signals "you look suspicious to us, and we do not like you".

so anyway, these girls were friendly.

1 comment:

Zhoen said...

"Hey. Hello. Moo and all that. Cool."

It was not the size of cows that most impressed me so much as how... solid, massive, dense, they feel in person.


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