Monday, August 25, 2014

burger barn

sometimes food is just good.

sometimes it is life-changingly good.

i don't mean that a cheeseburger is going to make you a better person or pay off your student loans or find a cure for cancer, but a really good cheeseburger can make your day and fill  you with a sense of awe that the world is an amazing place that a thing of such deliciousness could come to exist.

yesterday i was with my friend miletsone17 for a long day of paddling and she suggested we go get burgers at a stand in jeff.

(that's jeffersonville, a village in the town of cambridge, but we're all on first name basis, so everybody just calls it "jeff".)

neither of us had been there, but she was in the mood for a burger and we had passed it on our way to put in and take out boats.

the first thing that makes an impression on me is that there are a bazillion kinds of burger and they are all made with locally raised grass fed beef. i have been to burger joints where they have locally raised grass fed beef, but i've come to expect that these burgers will cost between eight and twelve dollars.

but no.

these burgers range from five dollars to eight and a half dollars, and the average, i think, was about six.

you can get a plain burger, but they have a couple dozen choices of whimsically named burgers that come with some pretty imaginative toppings.

i had the ethan allen, a burger topped with grilled apple slices, cabot cheddar, and a cranberry-garlic mayo. the burger itself was flavorful and juicy, and the bun it all came on was good, too. the fries that we got with it were hand-cut, skin-on, and cooked just about perfect.

but that burger!

do you ever eat a thing so good that you are surprised by how good it is?

yeah, well, this burger was so good that i KEPT BEING SURPRISED every time i took another bite.

it was as if my synapses could not process that much deliciousness and retain the memory of it long enough to put the burger down and pick it up again.

it was FANTASTICALLY good.

that's the burger barn, in jeffersonville, vt. go there if you have the chance.

there is no indoor service, no restroom, and no parking lot to speak of. the people who work there are competent and pleasant, and the napkins they stock are large and durable, which you really need if you're going to eat a burger like that.

burger barn. routes 15 and 108 in jeff.

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