Thursday, August 28, 2014


two stories at once:

a "michigan" is a hotdog. it is supposedly originally from plattsburgh, ny, althopugh in michigan a smiliar hotdog is known as a "coney", but on coney island they call it a "michigan".

so anyway, today i was out playing and i didn't pack a lunch because i thought i'd just get something at dunkin' donuts because 1) lazy and 2) gift card.

but then i didn't see a single dunkin' donuts for SIX HONKIN' HOURS.

and then i thought i'd just stop at a place with a takeout window but the place i stopped at was selling mediocreburgers for TEN DOLLARS. one hotdog for six.


so i drove down the road until i got to goodie's snack bar in west addison where you can get a michigan for two and a half dollars and the people there aren't the type of people who think ten dollars is a good price for a plain hamburger.

and now the sun is going down and i need to crawl "upstairs" into the back of my car and sleep.


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