Tuesday, August 26, 2014

state highway 108

state highway 108 is more famously known as the mountain road in stowe, or the smuggler's notch road. it is closed at the first snowfall every winter and does not open again for car traffic until the snow melt in spring.

see, vermont is a small state, a long narrow state, and we have this chain of mountains running right up the center of the state and there aren't a lot of ways to get across those mountains.

many of those roads get closed in winter.

route 108 is notable because near its top it is so narrow and winding that it is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TRACTOR TRAILERS year-round. it is also not recommended for tour busses.

but it's a fantastic road, and last week i went up there just to take some video of the drive across from gate to gate. i think it's cooler looking westbound into jeff, so that's what you get.

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