Monday, September 29, 2014

a lesson from larry

we met this guy named larry at the party.

before we met him, we saw him driving out along the roads in his little red smartcar, or as i am about to explain to you, his smart.

some days into the party in response to me saying something about his smartcar, larry said he doesn't drive a smartcar.


now i was all confused.

because if it's not a smartcar, what is it? are there more brands of those than i knew about?

it turns out it's just called a smart.

it's a matter of language and a matter of etiquette, apparently.

"you don't drive a subarucar, do you?" larry asks me.

well, no. but i am still confused.

nobody you know drives a toyotacar or a fordcar or a volkwagoncar.


it's a smart.

it is cute and red and holds a lot more gear than one might expect, plus larry is able to drive it on some back roads that might give you pause.

well, you learn somethin' every day.

1 comment:

Friko said...

Would you be allowed to speak on a smart while driving a smart?
Or would that perhaps not be very smart?


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