Tuesday, September 30, 2014

not ready for hillary

today i asked the hillary clinton PAC to take me off their mailing list, because while i typically enjoy receiving email from the democratic campaigns (for the purposes of ridicule, mostly), i just can't be cleaning out my inbox every hour.

and they send crap that often.

so i hit the UNSUBSCRIBE button, which brought me to a page that said "before you unsubscribe, won't you please consider signing up for a mailing list that will only send you a message once a day? we're sorry we email you so often, but we're passionate about the cause."

ok, fine. you're passionate. and you already KNOW that hourly emails are pissing people off. unsubscribe me.

and they wanted to know WHY, so i wrote "i want to unsubscribe because you are all warmongering toads and deserve to be clapped in irons. moreover, you fill my inbox with crap i don't want. good luck with that election."

this is the face of a likely democratic voter.

i'm not all that excited about the war monger hillary. sure, it'd be pretty cool to have the first woman president, but it would hardly signal parity for women.

i mean, we've had a black president for a few years now and i don't notice that there's been a significant decrease in black people getting arrested or shot for no particular reason.

so, um, hillary. yay.

you know, if i absolutely have no other choice.

i think that would make a lovely campaign slogan.

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